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Our Youth Progressive Gymnastics Program is an advancing developmental program. Personal improvement, increased self-confidence, and fun are our goals. The YMCA program allows the students to progress at their own rate and work on their individual needs.

The Pre-Team and Competitive Team gymnasts work on compulsory level routines. The North Suburban YMCA Gymnastics Team travels and competes in the YMCA League and AAU League.


Gymnasts need to wear a leotard to class

Hair must be pulled back out of the face in a ponytail or braid.

Fitted shorts may be worn. 

Water bottles may be brought to class - no Gatorade or other sports/non -water drinks. 




Preschool Gymnastics

Little Gymnastics: Ages 3 - 4
This class is for boys and girls with little or no experience in a structured gymnastics class. Emphasis is on development of motor skills, coordination, and making new friends. This class covers stretching, basic tumbling and an introduction to various gymnastics positions and equipment.

Terriffic Tumblers: Ages 4-6
This class is designed for boys and girls who are new to our gymnastics program or have successfully completed our Little Gymnasts program and want to enhance coordination and improve body awareness and strength. In addition to the basic tumbling, more advanced tumbling skills and instruction on bars, beam, and vault will help enable a smooth transition into the Progressive Level Gymnastics.

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Youth Gymnastics

Beginner: Grades 1-8

This is the first level in our Progressive Gymnastics Program. Emphasis will be on floor work, form, and improving strength. Basic work on uneven bars, balance beam, and vault will be taught.

Intermediate: Grades 1-8

Gymnasts will be learning progressively harder skills on all apparatus. They will continue to increase strength, flexibility, and proper form. Director approval is required for this class.

Advanced: Grades 1-8

Gymnasts in this level will work on improving their form and technique. They will also work on strength, conditioning, and new skill development. At this level, twice weekly classes are encouraged. Director approval is required for this class.

Tumbling: Grades 3-8

Work on the basics of tumbling needed for cheerleading or extra time for gymnastics. Cartwheels, round-offs walkovers and handsprings will be taught, with correct technique in a progressive manner. This class is open to all cheerleaders and gymnasts who want more tumbling time.

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Grades 3 -8
Students will have access to our tumble track (30 ft long trampoline) to work on the basics of tumbling needed for cheerleading or gymnastics. Skills including, but not limited to, cartwheels, round-offs, walkovers, back handsprings and front handsrings will be taught with correct technique in a progressive manner. Made possible by the Ruth Schultz Bright Days Fund.

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These gymnasts will continue to learn new and more difficult skills on apparatus while fine-tuning previously learned skills. They will also be learning Level 3 compulsory routines in preparation for the Competitive Team. Focus is on strength, flexibility, conditioning and form. Pre-team gymnasts are required to attend practice two days week.

Pre-requisite: Director’s approval. Please call for an evaluation.

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Competitive Team

Competitive Team gymnasts will be working Level 3-6 gymnastic routines on all apparatus. Gymnasts are required to attend practice three days a week and must be NSYMCA Members. The NSYMCA Team competes at gymnastics meets throughout the area in AAU, YMCA, and GIJO leagues. Please note additional fees will be required for meets and team apparel.

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Open Gymnastics

Open Gym on Saturday from 11:00 a.m.-Noon to practice skills and routines under the supervision of coaches. Punch cards may be purchased at the front desk $40.00 for a 5 punch card, $75.00 for a 10 punch card. Children under 10 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.