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Enhance your child's day! The NSYMCA offers preschool enrichment programs, after-school programs, specialty classes and school days out camp.

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  • Flying Turtles Swim Team - A Swim Team Child Swimming.

    Preschool & Youth Development Classes

    Our preschool & youth development classes emphasize hands-on learning curriculum, motor skill development and creativity.

    We strive to develop the whole child experience by providing an environment for preschoolers to learn, gain self-confidence, make new friends and learn about mutual respect. See a complete list of our current preschool education and development classes below.


    Come explore science concepts with us including hands on experiments and help your child foster reasoning skills that will help develop problem solving skills. The class will introduce the children to a love of learning about a variety of early scientific concepts and beginning learn how and why things work together.


    An introduction to all things numbers. Children will be immersed in numbers and how they work together. Number formation skills will be addressed as well as numerous math concepts to encourage children to love the idea of math and all it has to offer.


    Let your child creatively discover the love of early literature including story-telling, literary connections and decoding to encourage a lifelong love of reading. The class will combine the basic ideas of early learning literacy and comprehension, which will be enhanced by engaging art activities. Our goal is for each child to develop their expressive and reflective story skills leading to verbal creativity, utilizing various mediums.

  • specialservicesswim


    Give your child the tools succeed! In these classes they can discover a new talent, learn a second language, learn how to create helthy recipes and more!

    Learn a new language, discover a new talent, pursue a passion! In these classes your child will learn how to cook, speak a second language and more. See a complete list of current classes below.


    Grades K-5

    Chefs-in-Training will kick off the New Year learning and preparing winter comfort foods such as Tortellini Soup, Quiche, and Calzones. We’ll also celebrate with fun food for the Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, and St. Patrick’s Day.

    Guitar Club

    Grades 2-5

    In partnership with Bach To Rock

    It’s time to rock with Guitar Club! Guitar Club gives students in 2nd–5th grade the chance to get their hands on a real guitar and play exciting music with their friends! Using our curriculum students will learn songs ranging from fun classic rock to contemporary pop songs. Our experienced and encouraging teachers do a great job with both beginning and advanced students, so no experience is necessary to have fun in our class.

    Lego Class (Winter) Transportation

    Grades K-5

    Each week, students will build motorized models of a dragster, a railroad crossing gate, an airplane and more. Explore the history of transportation from horse and buggy and trains to the development of the automobile and flight. Each lesson introduces terminology related to each mode of transportation, like “lift and propulsion” for the airplane, as well as describes how each “vehicle” works. And the best part is -- the models are so much fun to play with! Lots of building fun ahead with motorized models of a train, car, dragster and airplane. These models rock, roll and spin! Your child can follow our step-by-step model plans to create their vehicle, then customize it to their own specifications and take their mini-figure for a ride!

    Lego Class (Spring) Ticket to Ride

    Grades K-5

    Delve into the history and mechanics of favorite amusement park rides in this imaginative class. Students will construct a Carousel Swing, Tilt a Whirl, Loop de Loop ride, Swing boat ride, and Merry Go Round. Lessons incorporate principles of physics, described in a way children can understand, such as “G-force” inertia and momentum, as well as math concepts such as “there are 360 degrees in a circle”. These engaging lessons will give students an understanding of the physical forces they experience every day.

    Drum Club

    7 years & up

    Drum Club gives students the opportunity to play together in a drum-line type setting. Students will learn rhythms as a group and combine different drum parts together. They will focus on coordination techniques as well as drum rudiments in order to build the confidence to play different styles of music. No experience is necessary to participate in this fun new class!

    Magic Workshop

    Grades K-5

    Are you ready to amaze all your friends? Now is your chance as you learn to do incredible magic with the “Magic Team of Gary Kantor”! This one-day workshop will teach children how to perform amazing magic tricks. The tricks are designed to be perfect for all ages. Following the class, the children will be putting on shows and amazing audiences with their new magical skills. Each class teaches new tricks, so be sure to sign up for multiple classes. And in addition to just learning the tricks, children will be

    Tie-Dye Workshop

    Grades K-5

    Come make a vibrant tie dye in this one time fun workshop. Choose from 6 vibrant colors which will never fade, with a great selection of patterns and assistance by our tie dye experts. Each participant will fold, rubber-band and creatively dye their own shirts. All tie dyes taken home with washing instructions.

  • Parent-Child: Swim Starters - A parent swimming with his baby.

    Y-Time After School Program

    Afterschool is cool at the Y. Y Time After School programming offers transportation to the Y from your child's school, home work help, games, crafts, outdoor play time (weather permitting) and more!

    With a focus on safety, health, social growth and academic enhancement, Y afterschool programs serve youth with a variety of programmatic and activity options to explore and develop their interests and talents. In addition to enhancing what they have learned in school, your child will receive homework assistance, free swimming instruction, create crafts, play sport and games, explore fun with food, and more! Add on a class such as dance, swim, yoga or art. Free transportation provided from most area schools. Contact Shannon Cartier to receive information on registering your child for Y-Time. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • School Days out Banner

    School Days Out Camp

    When school is out, the Y is in! Work without worry with Y camp - we are here for you. Fun field trips, swimming, creative activities, arts and crafts and more are in store for your kids while they are out of school. With Y School Days Out Camp, they will beat the school break blues.

    For more information, please contact Youth Development Director, Shannon Cartier

    School Days Out starts from 8am through 6pm.

    $60 members $75 non-members

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    ***Dates and Trips are Subject to Change***