NSSOD focuses on teaching the art of dance to youths in a safe, encouraging, and caring enviornment. Emphasis in youth classes focuses on proper technique and alignment in all styles, as well as fostering a love of dance.

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Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms. Emphasis is on placement, balance, control, discipline and clean lines. It is STRONGLY recommended when studying all other dance forms. Strength and flexibility will also be highlighted through the use of good technique. Ballet positions, barre work, center combinations and large movements are part of the ballet syllabus. Each level is studied for at least one year, with some levels requiring 2 or more years.

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Ballet: Pointe

Dancing en pointe requires considerable strength and skill and is a central part of a professional dancer’s training. Students must be at least 12 years old and have had several years of ballet training in order to develop the strength and support their bodies need en pointe. In order to be considered for pointe work, students must be enrolled in at least 2 ballet classes per week and have approval from the instructor.

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Jazz is a technique based in ballet using contemporary and jazz music as expressions of energy and soul. Flexiblity, clean lines, placement, turns and leaps will be emphasized. Ballet classes are strongly recommended when studying jazz dance.

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Tap promotes coordination and an acute sense of rhythmic patterns. Warm-ups, combinations and short routines are a part of the tap curriculm. Tap encourages the retention of movement patterns and aids in the development of kinetic memory.

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Modern dance is a technique with concentrated warm ups focusing on correct placement and balance, as well as flexibility and strength. Modern uses turned in and parallel positions to emphasize movements. Ballet is strongly recommended when studying modern.

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Contemporary dance is an expressive form that incorporates jazz, ballet and modern dance techniques. This relatively new style has become very popular within the U.S. and Western Europe. In addition to its basis in jazz, ballet and modern, many choreographers use various aspects of dance to create movement.

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Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a fun, high-energy dance form using popular music. Come dance to music from your favorite artists and learn awesome dance steps.

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This energetic class is perfect for students who want to have fun or may be interested in joining a poms team. High energy dance-based routines that focus on percision, flexibility, jumps and turns are taught.

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Musical Theatre

By placement only

Musical theatre is a style of performance that encompasses dance and acting. Students will dance and act to songs from a variety of classic and modern Broadway musicals.