We know that staying healthy and active is important to you, that's why we offer a wide range of aquatic classes for the beginner to the advanced.

See class descriptions below. You can download class schedule here. 

Deep Water Exercise

Impact of exercising is eliminated in deep water whih is beneficial for painful joint problems. Your workout is increased with greater water resistance.

Shallow Water Exercise

This is an ideal form of exercise for all ages and pregnant women. This class promotes strength, increased mobility and flexibility, improved circulation and relaxation.

Cardio Splash

A good high-level aerobi workout without the joint-jarring and musle-pounding effects of land exercises.

Gentle Joints

This class is designed for anyone with any joint/mobility problems, or recovering from surgery, or simply needing a slow, gentle exercise program.

Aqua Ease

This gentle combination of shallow water and deep water aerobics is perfect for those who want a great all around workout.

Swim, Stretch & Socialize

Lap swim combined with water exerise during whih the conversation will range from recipes to movies to current events!