The Y has long been known as the gold standard for swim lessons. After all, the Y organized the very first group swim lessons in 1909.

Here at the NSYMCA we continue that tradition. We offer swim lessons for individuals of all ages. Our knowledgable and helpful swim instructors are multilingual, speaking up to seven different languages collectively, ensuring that everyone has a chance to be happy, confident and safe in the water. We offer group and private lessons for all ages and ability levels. Click on a lesson type below to learn more.

One-on-one instruction for individuals age 3 yrs and up is also available. For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Aquatics Director.


Parent-Child (Swim Starters)

6 mos - 2 years with Adult Parents accompany their children in stage A, which allows infants and toddlers to gently discover the aquatic emvironment and encourages them to enjoy themselves while learning about the water. Children must wear swim diapers (With snug-fitting elastic around the legs) under a swimsuit.

Parent-Child B (Water Exploration)

2-4 years with Adult In stage B, parents work with their children to explore body positions, floating, blowing bubbles, and fundamental safety and aquatics skills. Children not yet toilet-trained must wear swim diapers (With snug-fitting elastic around the legs) under a swimsuit.

Gym & Swim

3 years - Kindergarden

This class incorporate a 40-minute gym session with various sports and games before a 40 minute swim lesson.

Preschool Block: Pike (Level 1)

This level is for the beginner. Emphasis remains on fun; beginner stroke techniques, individual swimming skills, and underwater exploration are also taught. Previous lesson experience is not required, providing that the child experiences no fear in the water or doesn't require the aid of a parent.

Preschool Block: Eel (Level 2)

Designed to provide students success with fundamental skills, independent swimming, and beginner stroke techniques. Entrance requires successful completion of Pike. Children are taught to perform glides, float, and basic boating safety, and use of PFD's.

Preschool Block: Ray (Level 3)

This is an advanced preschool class offering refinement of the front and back crawl, advanced body control skills, and endurance work through swimming and treading water. Entrance requires successful completion of EEL.

Preschool Block: Starfish (Level 4)

This is the advanced level for children who are comfortable in the water and can swim 25 yards with an IFD and 20 feet without. Emphasis is placed on endurance, front and back crawl, modified breaststroke and butterfly, and personal, safety, and rescue skills.

Polliwog - Beginner (Level 1-2)

In Level 1, students develop comfort with underwater exploration and learn to swim to safety in an emergency. This level lays the foundation for future progress in swimming. In Level 2, students focus on body position and control, directional change, and forward movement, with continuing practice in safely exiting the water in an emergency.

Guppy - Beginner ( Level 3-4)

In Level 3, students learn how to swim to safety from a longer distance than in previous levels. This level also introduces rhythmic breathing and integrated arm and leg action. Introduces basic stroke technique in front crawl and back crawl and reinforces water safety through treading water and elementary backstroke. Students in Level 4 develop stroke technique in the front and back crawl and learn the breaststroke kick and butterfly kick. Water safety is reinforced through treading water and the elementary backstroke.

Minnow - Intermediate (Level 5)

Students in Level 5 work on stroke technique and learn all the major competitive strokes. The emphasis on water safety continues through treading water and the sidestroke.

Fish - Intermediate (Level 6)

In Level 6, students refine their technique in all the major competitive strokes, learn about competitive swimming, and discover how to incorporate swimming into a healthy lifestyle.

Flying Fish - Advanced (Level 7)

At this advanced level, students should be able to swim 200 yards continuously. Children will refine all strokes while increasing their endurance. Students should be able to swim 100 yards of all strokes in good form, except butterfly, which is a minimum of a 25-yard swim with fins and 15 ft. without.

Shark - Advanced (Level 8)

This advanced level is for those who have mastered the competitive strokes. Swimmers will continue to refine all strokes and increase endurance and speed. Children will be introduced to inverted breaststroke, and life-saving skills. They will also perform the 200 yard individual medley.

Porpoise - Advanced (Level 9)

At this final level, students are exposed to a wide range of aquatic experiences. These advanced swimmers learn new strokes and rescue skills, as well as develop leadership skills. They may have the opportunity to assist with swim lessons.

Adult Beginner (Levels 1-3)

This class for 14 years- adults teaches students personal water safety and achieve basic swimming competency by mastering two benchmark skills: Swim, float, swim--an ordered sequence that incorporates the front glide, roll, back float, roll, front glide, and exit. Jump, push, turn, grab.

Adult - Intermediate (Levels 4-6)

Having mastered the fundamentals, students learn additional water safety skills and build stroke technique. They also develop positive habits that prevent chronic disease, increase social, emotional, and cognitive well-being, and foster a lifetime of physical activity.

Adult Stroke Refinement (Levels 7-9)

Prerequisite: Ability to swim 25 yards on your front and back comfortably, face in the water, float front and back, ability to tread water. This class continues forward with progression of skills and stroke refinement for front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke, and elementary backstroke. Drills are used to build strength, endurance, and proper breathing techniques.

Aqua Ease

This gentle combination of shallow water and deep water aerobics is perfect for those who want a great all-around workout.

Cardio Splash

A high-level aerobic workout without the joint-jarring and muscle-pounding effects of land exercises.

Deep Water Aerobics

Performing aerobics in deep water eliminates the impact of exercising even while intensifying your workout with increased water resistance. This program can be extremely beneficial for painful joint problems.

Gentle Joints

This class is designed for anyone with any joint/mobility problems, recovering from surgery, or simply needing a slow, gentle exercise program.

Shallow Water Exercise

This is an ideal form of exercise for all ages and pregnant women. This class promotes strength, increased mobility and flexibility, improved circulation and relaxation.

Swim, Stretch & Socialize

Combine lap swim with water exercise for the foundation of good relationships and conversation that ranges from recipes to movies to current events!