Staff Highlight rae

Rachael HensonSNY09255

Graphic Designer & Dance Instructor

What do you do at the Y?
I am a graphic designer and dance instructor at the Y. I work with the marketing department to design visual communication for the NSYMCA. As a dance instructor in the performing arts department, I am teaching Poms dance classes this year exclusively. I get asked what Poms dance is a lot, so to clarify; Poms is a team of dancers that mixes precise movement with graceful movements accompanied with jazz dance technique including jumps, turns, and leaps. 

How do you help our members?
I help inform and engage our members of upcoming events, important notices, special save the dates and other NSYMCA community stories that occur throughout the year. When I am teaching dance, I help students improve and learn new dance techniques specific to the class syllabus. I also strive to promote self-confidence in my students by creating a positive environment that is safe for them to make mistakes and be themselves. That is really important to me.

What do you like most about your job/the Y?
What I like the most about my roles at the Y is that I am required to be creative. I enjoy the challenge that comes with continually pushing creativity within the brand guidelines of design. As it pertains to teaching dance, I like to see how my students evolve throughout the year as dancers and as individuals.

I give credit to what I like most about our NSYMCA to my colleagues and specifically to my department supervisors, Kathy Fielding, and Shannon Mundorf, because their management styles, and attitudes positively affect the work atmosphere of each department, making it a great place to work even when times get stressful.

What is a fun fact about you?
I met my best friend while swimming with dolphins and I highly recommend that experience to everyone.