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Stimulate your senses with art classes. We offer a variety of art classes for all ages and interests. Work with an array of mediums while you explore your creative side and discover new talents.


  • kids playing with paint and creating art


    Most preschoolers engage in activities that enhance their gross motor skills. Art is especially important in building fine motor skills along with confidence and imagination to assist in getting school ready. In our art classes, all students are taught hot to hold a pencil, draw shapes, and learn how to cut. In our clay classes all pieces are fired and glazed in our kiln.

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    Art Exploration (NEW FALL 2019)

    5-9 years

    Expplore art, both 2D and 3D, by building sculptures , painting pictures, or rolling out a print.

    Clay & Swim

    3 to 6 Yrs

    Come to the Art Studio to enjoy an hour of clay. All pieces are fired and glazed. Y staff will transfer you to the pool and help with the changing of clothes. Adults need not be present to transfer your child.

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    Claymates (NEW FALL 2019)

    3 to 6 Yrs

    Use slabs, coils and pinch pots to create fun and functional items. All pieces are fired and glazed

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    Morning of Art

    3 to 6 Yrs

    This class is a must for every preschool child! Enjoy clay, then learn how to draw shapes to make drawing less intimidating. This is a great way to prepare for kindergarten and improve fine motor skills for writing. Don't forget to bring a snack to enjoy between classes.

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    Preschool Art

    3 to 6 Yrs

    If the week is too busy for you, enroll your child in a Sunday art class where they‘ll explore drawing, painting, and creating.

    Preschool Ceramics (NEW FALL 2019)

    3 to 6 Yrs

    Use slabs, coils and pinch pots to create fun and functional items. All pieces are fired and glazed.

    Scribble Into Drawing (NEW FALL 2019)

    3-6 yrs

    A must for every preschool child. This class makes drawing less intimidating as kids start by learning to draw basic shapes. It's also a great way to prepare for kindergarten and improve fine motor skill for writing.

  • Youth creating art


    Our Youth classes range from K through High School. In all of our Art classes, students experience activities that foster self-expression, self-esteem, develop imagination, critical thinking and valuable social skills. Various mediums are introduced and used in all of our youth art classes while exploring new mediums in the field as well.

    See class descriptions below

    Advanced Art

    5- 8th Grade

    Learn how to use artistic principles to express your personality and create your own style of art. Realism and abstract art will be explored using pencils, pastels, paint, ink, and recyclables.

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    Adventures In Art 101

    2nd-5th grade

    This very popular class is child driven and encourages imagination and creativity while working on many 3D projects.

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    NEW! Adventures in Art 102

    5-8th Grade

    Like 101, this very popular class continues to be driven by the students. They suggest ideas we tweak and develop, opening up imagination, creativity, and spatial awareness. Most of the projects are 3D.

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    NEW! Beginning Knitting

    2-8th Grade

    Come learn how to knit from a pro: all you need are size 8 needles! The yarn will be provided for you courtesy of Plymouth Yarn Company.

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    1-5th Grade

    If you like to tinker then you’ll love this class. Use everyday objects to build items such as a marble run or a race car.

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    NEW! Canvas

    3-8th Grade

    Each student will create their own work of art on canvas using any mediums desired. This class is great for individually minded students.

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    Ceramics & Sculpture 101

    K-3rd Grade

    Tactile projects are fun for everyone, and what better way to create them than out of clay, plaster, or other mediums? All clay pieces are fired and glazed in our kiln.

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    Ceramics & Sculpture 201

    4-8th Grade

    Continue the fun with this advanced ceramic class. Learn how to create more intricate pieces along with decorative techniques as well. All clay pieces are fired and glazed in our kiln.

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    Drawing & Painting

    K-3rd Grade

    This class is a great way either to learn how to draw or to continue honing your drawing skills. Students will learn basic art principles.

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    Elements of Art 101

    K-2nd Grade

    Is your child serious about learning art, but you'd rather not commute to the Art Institue? Projects are designed to incorporate art principles such as design, drawing techniques, and color theory. No class on 3/4, 5/13.

    Elements of Art 201

    3rd-6th Grade

    If art is your thing, then you’ll want to continue to learn about art mediums and art principles such as depth, perception,line shading, pattern, perspective, color, space and more. No Classes on 3/4, 5/13.

    NEW! Faces, Features & Hands

    4th-8th grade

    Learn to draw faces, features and hands in a fun, non-repetitive way using 2D and 3D projects.

    Special Needs Art

    For those with special needs who will enjoy and benefit from a smaller classroom setting.

    NEW! Printmaking & Silkscreening

    4th-8th Grade

    Ever wondered how to make a print or silkscreen a shirt? Here's your chance to explore the world of printing.

    NEW! The Next Step

    4th-8th Grade

    Keep expressing yourself as you learn new art principles and techniques and how to incorporate them into your own artistic style.

  • Adults in watercolor creating paintings with Fran


    Express your creativity. Take a minute to unwind. Art isn't just for kids, you deserve some fun too! What are you waiting for? Learn how to paint a beautiful watercolor, whip up a beautiful piece of jewelry, knit yourself a hat and mittens, create a mixed media piece for your enjoyment or take a ceramics class where all of our pieces are fired and glazed. The best part, meet other adults who enjoy the arts as well!

    NEW! Art Ability

    For ages 14 years and up who need assistance with motor planning, following instructions and a smaller classroom setting.

    NEW! Beginning Knitting

    Come learn how to knit from a pro: all you need are size 8 needles! The yarn will be provided for you courtesy of Plymouth Yarn Company.

    NEW! Unwind

    Life can be hectic. Unwind in this class by experimenting with a variety of art techniques that will give you the courage and confidence to start creating on your own.

    NEW! Ceramics

    Learn how to hand-build and decorate intricate clay pieces in this BYOB class. All pieces are fired and glazed in our kiln.

    Watercolors with Fran Vail

    Would you like to explore the subtle complexity and delicate beauty of watercolors? Join our esteemed teacher, Fran Vail, to learn how to layer watercolors in a casual, supportive class setting. A minimal supply list will be given to you at the first class. Watercolor class begins 9/5. Fran also teaches the Adult Drawing class on Thursdsay mornings, for those who would like to fine-tune their drawing skills. *No class on 2/6. .

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  • Maker Space is now at the NSYMCA

    Maker Space and Digital Maker Space

    Are you a free-spirited artist who just wants to do your own thing? Come with an idea, use our studio supplies like clay, wood, wire, paint and more to see your idea come to life! Makerspace isn't a class. It's a supervised environment. Come as often as you can with a MakerSpace Registration.


    5th-12th grades

    Tuesday From 6:30-8:00pm


    5th-12th grades

    Wednesday 6:30-8:00pm


    2nd-5th GRADES

    Saturdays 8:45-11:30am

  • Free Classes at the public library


    Art should be available to everyone, which is why we have partnered with both the Northbrook and Glenview Public libraries to offer a FREE art program for preschool and grade school children. Please call the libraries for dates and to register.

    Glenview Public Library - 847.279.7500

    Northbrook Public Library - 847.272.6224

  • Private Swim

    Community Art Gallery

    Each month the NSYMCA hosts a community art gallery. Local artists showcase inspiring and creative pieces throughout the Y. High quality art is for sale at all price levels, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the NSYMCA Strong Kids Financial Assistance fund. The Strong Kids Financial Assistance Fund offers families and individuals in our community, that may be facing financial hardships, the opportunity to participate in life changing programs.

    Want to be a part of the community gallery?

    We are looking for artists who would like to exhibit and sell their orks in our Galleries. We are seeking local artists who make ceramics, jewelry, or other handcrafts to display and sell at our pop up galleries in the lobby.

    Are you a Junior Artist?

    Are you a Junior high or Jigh School artist looking for a place to showcase and sell your work? Sell your artistic art pieces such as stationary bags, paintings, photos and more! We now have a display case to highlight our local young talent.To display in either gallery, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Visual Arts Director for an artist application.

  • Art Workshops

    During the Fall and Winter sessions, the Visual Arts department holds Art workshops for all ages. In the workshop you are able to experience new techniques, new program offerings or just something that is unique in the art world! To check upcoming art workshops, please view the calendar below.
  • Scouts Badge Program

    Our Scouts Badge Program is designed to help our local Boy and Girl Scouts to gather and complete their badges.

    Complete your Girl Scout badges by learning the Digital Arts, Arts in the Outdoors, Artist, Craft, creative Play, storytelling and more!

    Complete your Boy Scouts Badges by learning Art, basketry, carpentry, graphic arts, inventing, leatherwork, painting, photography, pottery, pulp & paper, sculpture, textile, wood carving, woodwork and more!

    For more information or to set up a workshop for your scouts, please contact Visual Arts Director, Cathie Winnie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..