Online Reservations

In order to allow you to better manage your Racquetball experience at the NSYMCA we have provided you with the online reservation system. Follow the steps below to reserve a court.

You can click to use the online Reservation Page or you can reserve your court time by calling the Front Desk.

Please note that you may only reserve up to two hours maximum per day. Courts may only be used for racquetball, volleyball, wally ball or badminton.

  1. Click the link to the right to access the reservation page
  2. Find the day you would like to reserve
  3. Make sure the time you want is available (reserved slots are marked with a red box and check mark)
  4. Select your preferred court by clicking 'Court 1-3' on the left side
  5. Select the time you want, enter your name and a password to make changes, then click 'Reserve'
  6. Click OK on confirmation page
  7. Refresh your browser to see the reservation
  8. If you need to change your reservation, just click the check mark, enter your password, and change or delete