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Our Youth Progressive Gymnastics Program is an advancing developmental program. Personal improvement, increased self-confidence and fun are our goals. The YMCA program allows the students to progress at their own rate and work on their individual needs.

The Pre-Team and Competitive Team gymnasts work on compulsory routines and optional routines. The North Suburban YMCA Gymnastics Team travels and competes in the YMCA League and AAU League.


Preschool Gymnastics

Tots of Fun: Age 2 years old with adult

Our tot class for 2 year olds allows parents (adult) to participate in the development of their tots’ large motor skills and socialization. Our staff will supervise your time to play and learn together. Must be 2 years old to enroll in Tots of Fun before session begins.

Mighty Jumpers: Ages 3 - 4
This class is for boys and girls who have little or no experience in a structured gymnastics class. Emphasis is on development of motor skills, coordination and making new friends. Basic tumbling and introduction to various gymnastics equipment.

Little Skippers: Ages 4 - 6
This class is designed for boys and girls who have been in Mighty Jumpers and want to continue to improve body awareness, strength and enhance coordination. Basic tumbling and instruction on bars, beam and vault.

Terriffic Tumblers: Ages 4-6
In this class, students build on their skills learned in Little Skippers and continue to make terrific progress. More advanced skills will be taught enabling a smooth transition into Youth Progressive Gymnastics.

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Progressive Gymnastics

Beginner 1: Grades K-8

This is the first level in our Youth Progressive Gymnastics Program. Emphasis will be on floor work and improving strength. Basic work on uneven bars, balance beam and vault will be taught.

Beginner 2: Grades K-8

Gymnasts will be learning progressively harder skills on the floor and equipment. They will work on increasing their strength and flexibility.

Pre-requisite: Beginner 1 or Coordinator's approval.

Advanced Beginner: Grades 1-8

Gymnasts in this level will work on improving their form and technique. They will also work on strength, conditioning and new skill development. Gymnasts will be working on Level 3 routines. Twice-weekly classes are encouraged.

Pre-requisite: Beginner 2 and Director's approval

Tumbling: Grades 5-8

Work on the basics of tumbling needed for cheerleading or extra time for gymnastics. Cartwheels, round-offs walkovers and handsprings will be taught in a progressive manner. This class is open to all cheerleaders and gymnasts who want more tumbling time.

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These gymnasts will continue to learn new and more difficult skills on the floor and equipment while fine tuning their previous skills. Strength, flexibility, and conditioning will be enhanced. Pre-Team gymnasts are strongly encouraged to participate two times a week.

Pre-requisite: Director’s approval. Please call for an evaluation.

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Open Gymnastics

Team and Pre-Team members are encouraged to attend Open Gymnastics to practice skills and routines with direct supervision of coaches.



Competitive Team

Competitive Team gymnasts will be working Level 3-6 routines. The fee does not include meets or team apparel. Competitive Team members must be NSYMCA members.
Pre-requisite: Director’s approval.

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Boys Beginner

First grade and up
Boys with little gymnastics experience will work on strength, conditioning, balance and flexibility. Basic tumbling, bar work and vaulting will be taught.

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