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We strive to develop the whole child experience by providing an environment for preschoolers to learn, gain self-confidence, make new friends and learn about mutual respect. See a complete list of our current preschool education and development classes below.


Our two- and three-year-old preschool education classes will help your preschooler take a step forward. We focus on self-awareness, social development, and gross and fine motor skills, in a structured, nurturing, learning environment. Depending on the day, each class is combined with a special skill such as gymnastics, dance/movement, and art.


Our four- and five-year-old preschool education classes will help prepare your child for a successful and rewarding transition into kindergarten. We will focus on pre-reading, pre-writing, number skills, advanced social interaction concepts, and character development. Depending on the day, each class is combined with a special skill such as gymnastics, dance/movement, art, swim lessons, and digital media.


An introduction to all things numbers. Children will be immersed in numbers and how they work. Number formation skills will be addressed, as well as numerous math concepts to encourage children to love the idea of math and all it has to offer.


Let your child creatively discover the love of early literature including storytelling, literary connections, and decoding, to encourage a lifelong love of reading. The class will combine the basic ideas of early-learning literacy and comprehension, which will be enhanced by engaging in art activities. Our goal is for each child to develop their expressive and reflective story skills, leading to verbal creativity, utilizing various mediums.


Come explore science concepts with us, including hands-on experiments and help your child foster reasoning skills that will help develop problem-solving skills. The class will introduce the children to a love of learning through a variety of early scientific concepts, how and why things work together.


Give your child the keys to reading success. Reading Rookies uses fun, multi-sensory instruction, games, crafts and stories to teach children how to build their letter and sound knowledge. Each weekly lesson focuses on 2-3 letters. The lessons will ignite your child’s reading interest, while improving your child’s ability to hear, identify and manipulate individual sounds. By the end of the session, your child will have the building blocks to be a successful reader. Because Reading Rookies is built around multi-sensory lessons, regardless of your child’s learning style, your child will thrive, have fun and learn!