Camp Registrar / Adventure Guides / Volunteer Coordinator

Nicole is a jack of all trades and gives logistical and administrative support across several departments such as Summer Camp, Adventure Guides and Y-time.

Nicole gives our members details to help them better understand the various aspects of the programming and how different aspects of each program can be intertwined to create a schedule that works best with their family.

When asked what she likes most about her job at the Y, Nicole replied, "What I love about the Y is the family environment and community it's provided my family. I love watching my children interact with the members and staff alike! I love the inclusion, equality and respect that our staff and members live by and inturn teaches my own children. What I love about my job the most is being able to help different departments, staff and members. Each department has a different set of members and staff and I love interacting and being involveed in that.

Fun fact about Nicole is that she can wiggle her ears and nose.