YOU asked, WE listened

staffAt the Y we pride ourselves on listening to our members! Being a place for the entire community, we strive to make sure we are meeting the needs of our members and the community as a whole. In late August/early September we did a survey of all of our members and we wanted to share the information with you.

We are continually striving to improve our facility, classes and programs. 



"Because of your scholarship program (which nobody else offers), I'm able to exercise freely without having to pay a sitter. Leaving my children at KidZone is always a pleasure. Since I've joined, I've lost 21 pounds and my children are socializing freely and making friends. We took advantage of your summer camp facilities and it was a pleasure to see the kids play and learn. Bringing home their first art project was a wonderful experience. Both of my children are registered for your newly offered preschool program. All of these things are making our life richer and fuller."    

"Provides consistent place to exercise, the teachers of fitness classes know class participants and that keeps you motivated to show up. Also other members of Y that you get to know make going to exercise have a community feel, not just going into an impersonal gym where no one knows each other. I think that sense of belonging to something in the community, from greetings at front desk to the teacher in the class and other people in the hall or in class that are familiar, even if you don't know their names...all give a sense of belonging."

"Mostly I see this joy through my children's eyes. They love the Y and all the counselors and instructors they've had over their years in camps and programs there. Just over the weekend one of the Y counselors recognized our children and stopped to say hello - they loved it!! Nothing is more satisfying than seeing your children happy because of Y staff like that."

"Y has helped me change my life around. It was a combination of excellent, knowledgeable staff and supportive members, along with a comfortable environment where I was encouraged to succeed."



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• Improve the lower basement weight room. Redo the general weight room floor

• Make building layout less confusing and more logical. Location of equipment seems random.

In October we finished the remodel of the Strength Training Center & Track. We purchased all new weights & equipment. We install a new rubberized floor & track, expanded the lighting, added new mirrors and upgraded 5,200 square feet to make it the most useful to our members.

 • WiFi throughout the building

We recently made sure that WiFi access is available throughout the building (except in locker rooms).20150921 102619






• We've been going there for about 3 years and I still get lost trying to find my way around the building - perhaps some directories around the building would help.

We are currently working on better signage throughout the building to make it easier to find everything you need. Watch for the new signage throughout the building in the next few months.

• I would love to see more options for group exercise classes. Sometimes I would like to do one cardio and one strength class together in the same day and the options are limited. More cardio classes would be great.

We are always reviewing our classes and group exercise schedule to ensure we are giving our members the best workouts. We are currently reviewing the schedule now.

• A Cleaner facility.

We recently hired a Maintenance Director, Jim Quinn, who has 20+ years of experience. Jim is revamping our maintenance/cleaning department to make sure that the facility is up to our member’s standards.


• The parking lot needs some repair      

• The Y is terrific. The parking lot can stand some improvement.

We are currently in the middle of our capital campaign to raise money to fix the parking lot. Our goal is to raise $2 million to repair the parking lot and finalize the HVAC. IF you would like to contribute to the new parking lot please click here.