50k in 50 Days

As a member, you know what the Y adds to our community and your daily life. 

We hope you also know that we couldn’t do any of it without you.

The North Suburban YMCA grew out of grassroots efforts and the mobilization of key individuals and groups like the Northbrook Rotary. We started out as a one desk, chair and telephone to become the center of our community with a myriad of programs and services and a state-of-the-art wellness center.

You probably already know that some elements our Y lacks is an upgraded parking lot and a playing field of our very own. These improvements will lead to:

  • Enhanced safety and security for our members and program participants
  • Increased ADA accessibility via the creation of additional parking spaces.
  • Expanded parking up to 65 more spaces available.
  • Added playing field for youth and family development programs.
  • Improved ventilation system for greater energy efficiency and air quality.
  • Beautified entryway to welcome our members and participants!


As a part of our efforts to raise $500,000 to pave the way for the Y’s future, a generous challenge grant has been issued to the NSYMCA from the Romo Family Foundation, and we are reaching out to you to help us meet the goal of raising $50,000 from our friends and neighbors in 50 days.

We need to raise this money in the next eight weeks, so we can begin to make improvements by this fall. Click here to help us make it happen.

We know you likely have many requests for contributions throughout the year. You may already have given to the Y or plan to give at year end, but right now every dollar counts! Change can only come about when we all work together to invest in our Y and each other. After all, working together for good is who we are: An association of people united in a common effort to help each other become healthier, more connected, and confident.

We hope we can count on your continued support - Click here to do your part in making a better tomorrow for us all.