Staff Highlight12

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Development Director

"My role is to work with our development team to secure the needed resources to run our programs, provide scholarships, maintain our facilities and live up to the YMCA mission of ensuring no one is turned away for inability to pay; and also to help our team meet our social responsibility in terms of community outreach and identifying responsive programs that match challenges our community is facing."

Debbie is our Development Director at our Y. Her role is to help structure and coordinate the development processes with the development team. There are a lot of community needs our Y fills, and we need a growing base of donors and partners to join with us to make that happen.

When we asked Debbie what she likes most about her job and what she likes most about the Y she responded, "Development work is so fulfilling! Our Y has an amazing team of competent, dedicated professionals. I am blessed to be part of this team! I love helping people who want to make a difference in the world find a cause to support that brings them joy and purpose. On the flip side, I love hearing the stories of the beneficiaries of philanthropic individuals and businesses and seeing them reach their goals and working  towards their full potential. We are all in this life together, we need each other and all have an important role."

Fun Fact about Debbie: She flirted in media studies while pursuing her Communications degree! In college she served as the Business Manager at her college radio station and on the cable TV access team. She got to meet several famous rock stars through those roles, including Metallica. Schedule a meeting with her and perhaps she'll share some more of her stories!