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Josh TyraJosh Tyra

Guest Services Associate



Josh is a Guest Services Associate, which means he works at the front desk. T​his job is primarily a combination of customer service and sales, but it can be extremely varied. There is no typical shift... he could be doing anything from giving a tour of the building to registering someone for a program class. It's a multitasking and not infrequently fast-paced environment.


Additionally, Josh's other tasks at the Y involve inventory for office supplies for all of our departments; assistance with the marketing department by proofreading and editing most of the text that we publish in any format, from our seasonal program guides to our weekly email blasts. 


When asked how Josh helps our members he responded, "To name only a few ways, I provide our members with the most current information about everything we offer, I keep their membership accounts up to date, and I make sure they are registered for the right programs."

When asked what Josh likes most about his job at the Y, Josh said, "I like finding new and more efficient ways of doing things at the front desk. We are responsible for so much diverse information, and we need to be proficient at dozens of different tasks, some of which don't arise very often. I've been working on a new online reference system to help us manage and quickly access what we need to know. The results have been positive so far, and it really encourages me to see my colleagues using this tool to do their jobs more easily and effectively."


Fun fact about Josh is that he cooks Indian food from scratch, which includes toasting and grinding his own fresh spices.

"There is nothing like a homemade curry: I love Indian restaurant food, but honestly, my home versions are better! Indian is my go-to comfort food."